I’m back with a bump! And it’s a big one… turns out as I get bigger none of my trousers fit, who knew! My love for fitted high waisted trousers, shorts and skirts has not worked out well during pregnancy. I knew exactly what I needed, comfy stretchy maternity leggings!

Ruby Rose posing with maternity bump


For this pattern I thought I would have to adjust an existing pattern, but when I went to the Makerist site I found a great maternity selection. For previous maternity garments I have made, I have tried to pick a versatile pattern that can be worn and used after I’ve given birth. But for the leggings I needed something tight that would cover my whole bump. That’s when I found the Makerist Maternity Leggings Pattern.

Ruby Rose wearing maternity leggings

Maternity Leggings Process

This pattern is great and super simple, it has just 2 pattern pieces. The leg piece and the yoke or belly band piece. Because it was so simple and also made of jersey I decided to go straight in with my real fabric and make any adjustments as I went along. I chose a plain black jersey with 4 way stretch. The maternity leggings pattern comes with a handy stretch guide that you can print out and use to measure the stretch percentage of the fabric. The leg panels are quite wide as they encompass the whole leg with just an inside leg seam. As it was stretch, I made everything on my overlocker, and it was a really quick sew.


I made a size Medium and have worn them from 4 – 7 month pregnant so far. I didn’t end up making any adjustments, at first the waist was a bit loose, but I knew I would be constantly growing and they would fit me soon enough. One thing with the pattern is that it didn’t mention how much elastic to add, or the width, so I just ended up guessing and using some elastic I had in my stash.

close up of pregnancy bump


These Maternity Leggings are so high waisted they can basically tuck into my bra, absolutely perfect. But as I’m not going to be pregnant for much longer I’m not sure if I’d need another pair. I have considered making a pair of cycling shorts.

As usual if you want to buy anything from the Makerist website you can use my code ruby-rose-15 for 15% off

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