On this page I will include links to all the Fabrics, Patterns and Brands featured on my blog,

Please note some links featured are affiliate links, all this means is that I earn a small commission when you click through and buy something. This does not affect the price you pay, I just receive a small reward for sending you across to the website via my link.


Sewing with Masin – The Dayo Blouse – Featured in Testing the Pattern

SewDIY – Nita Wrap Skirt – Featured in A review of the Pattern

Anna Allen – Demeter Dress – Featured in Sewing the Pattern


Minerva – Atelier Brunette Viscose – Featured in Sewing a self Drafted dress

Minerva – Striped Cotton – Featured in Sewing my comfy striped shorts

Ikea – Check Cotton – Featured in Sewing the SewDIY Nita wrap skirt

Fabric Godmother – Cheetah Viscose – Featured in Sewing the Anna Allen Demeter Dress


Organic Basics – feature in this review of the brand

Nudie Jeans

Colieco Lingerie – featured in this review of the Rose set

Georganics – featured in Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps

Business Stuff

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