Sewing Comfy Striped Shorts

Sewing Comfy Striped Shorts

I have added a quick summary of the making of my Comfy Striped Shorts below. But the whole blog can be checked out on Minerva.

Minerva asked me to be part of their Bloggers Network recently. Since, I have worked on some brilliant projects using their beautiful fabric. Every few months they gift me some of their fabrics and in return I create something. Usually a garment for instance, then write a blog about the process and Minerva then share it on their website and social platforms.

girl laughing and standing by a beach hut

Minerva is basically a one stop shop for me because they have literally everything you need! Fabrics, equipment and haberdashery and loads more.

You can check them out here.

Comfy striped shorts work in progress

They have such a wide range of fabrics and I was super excited when the stripe fabric became available for me to use. You can still purchase the fabric I used for this project here.

I have loads of shorts and I wear them a lot at work because I have quite an active job, so being able to move freely but also keep cool is a must. Also, I just love the way shorts look!

My Comfy Stripe shorts were not the first thing I wanted to make but ended up being a staple of this Summer’s wardrobe. I can imagine many summers to come.

I self-drafted this pattern using just two pattern pieces. As a result quite a simple one, but it will probably need some adjustments before I try it again.

To read the whole blog post and see the trials and tribulations I had with the Striped Comfy shorts click here.

I’d love to hear what you think of the shorts, so please either comment here or over on the Minerva Blog.

In the future I’m going to share more summaries of my Minerva projects. Comprehensive blogs will always be on the Minerva site.

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  • These shorts are adorable! I feel inspired now; I want to make some striped shorts too! I also love the beach huts you used for your backdrop. The striped doors are an awesome complement to your shorts! 😀

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