How to Pattern Hack, adapting the Bodie Dress by Aware Collection for Maternity

How to Pattern Hack, adapting the Bodie Dress by Aware Collection for Maternity

Makerist Make It Yours Challenge

As you all know I love making my own patterns and adapting others. My fashion degree taught me pattern cutting and I love refreshing my skills. I still turn back to my pattern cutting reference books for help with various projects. So, when Makerist asked me to choose a pattern and take part in their pattern hack challenge I was beyond excited. Over at Makerist Instagram they are running a #makeityourschallenge. You can hack any pattern you like between the 12th July and 8th Aug and win prizes.

Girl wearing home sewn dress

Choosing A Pattern

I chose the Bodie dress by Aware Collection. As soon as I saw it, I knew how I wanted to hack it. Being 8 months pregnant at the moment I didn’t want to take anything too complicated, not sure my brain could handle it. Also, I wanted the dress to be both maternity friendly and good to wear afterwards. 

Ruby Rose on a windy beach

Adapting the Bodie Dress

I decided I wanted to change the front from lace up to button up as it will be good for breastfeeding afterwards. Also increase the length of the dress and add more volume to the skirt. The bodice length was perfect as an empire waist works well with the bump but also suits my shape. 

Close up of Ruby Rose and Baby Bump

I started by cutting out the Bodie dress in size M and laying the front bodice onto my pattern cutting paper. Then traced round it as it would lay, edge to edge creating the V neckline of the lace up front. I drew in a new centre front and closed the V neck by just connecting the two pattern pieces at the neck without pivoting. I then added on a button stand that overlapped either side of the centre front. 

For the fabric I decided to toile in this cotton voile with gold spot inlays. I thought if it went well, it could become a wearable toile. I have loads of it and I think my dad gave it to me from a film set he worked on once. As the fabric was quite see through, I decided to double up the fabric and bag out the bodice. I did this and used the burrito method to turn out the straps for a nicer finish. Then tried on the bodice to test the fit. I realised that it was a bit small across the bust so decided to add a few cm by adding a button stand. 

Ruby Rose wearing Bodie Dress with Dog

I’ve recently moved house and I’m still in the unpacking stage, half living out of boxes. It was at this point I realised I had no idea where my white overlocker threads were. Therefore rather than sew in navy thread I decided not to bother with over locking this time.

The fabric I had chosen was quite narrow therefore I used two widths sewn together to make a tube before gathering the skirt. Due to the sheerness of the fabric I also decided to do a double layer for the skirt. The inside layer is slightly shorter to allow it to be extra flowy. 

Finishing Touches to my Bodie dress

The final touches to my hacked Bodie dress were the mother of pearl buttons and buttonholes. After trying it on I think I might have made an accidental wedding/christening dress…but it really is beautiful!

Girl in white dress on the beach

I decided to take it out for a spin and an impromptu 7am beach photo shoot. Which was windy and fun, what do you think of my hack?

If you fancy adapting the Bodie dress, or just sewing it as is, then Makerist are offering 30% off from now until 8th August. Just use this link here.

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